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Meet Nadira Ramautarsing #PowerfulWomenProfile

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I am super excited to introduce Nadira to all of you!

Nadira is an old high school friend, and although we hung around relatively the same crowd, we somehow always missed having one on one time. She's a person I always wished I could get to know better, even more so since I've been able to keep up a little through Facebook. I say "a little" because Nadira moves FAST. One minute she's in the Netherlands, where she resides, the next she's in Suriname, where we both grew up, and then again in Rome, on vacation.

She's the definition of a #GirlBoss, or actually let's change that to #WomanLeader. Nadira is CEO of a super successful dutch clothing line and lifestyle brand, Wulterkens Clothing alongside her partner, Edwin Wulterkens, and Founder of Madame Selfmade, a social media platform for, you guessed it, self made madames. She's also a blogger and gives some great advice on leadership, business self-development, fashion  and fitness on her website

Nadira has her stuff together, but she never forgets to stay humble and most importantly honest. She understands that great results comes from a lot of hard work and even through trial and error she keeps on pushing. 

So without further ado...


Name/Nickname: Nadira / Dira, Dil, Didi, Diertje (small animal in dutch)

DOB and Sign: June, 2, 1989 - Gemini

If you could share a cup of coffee with anyone who would it be and why?
There are too many that I would love to share a cup of coffee with, both deceased and alive, so difficult to decide! However...If I have to choose, and I can choose anyone, I would like to share a cup of coffee with my future self. Not because I’m such a fan of myself, but more because I am curious about the woman I will become, as I find myself constantly changing and growing now.

What makes you feel good inside and out?
Giving and receiving love, kindness, affection, attention.

Tell us about a challenging time in your life:
Not long ago, and actually still in progress...the process of finding myself, getting to know me, my purpose, my passion. I came to a point where I somehow started doubting everything, including myself and all I was doing. I ‘’rolled’’ into entrepreneurship due to my partner who started our business, and while I love what I do, I found myself doubting whether I was doing what I am put on this earth for. I felt extremely lost and lonely, and it had a huge impact on my creativity, and performance in general. I lost my ambition, my vision, my mojo. Eventually I started my search for answers, I started reading a lot, working on self-development, and getting into meditation & visualization, which helped me a lot.

If someone is going through the same thing right now what would you tell them?
You might not know what you’re here for (yet), and that’s ok. Just make the best out of it, follow your intuition.

What is the most exciting thing you've done in your life so far?
While also scary….getting to know myself, exploring my abilities and having the opportunity to build an empire ( along with my soulmate and partner in life.

Tell us something not a lot of people know about you?
If I could, I would still love to become an astronaut to explore the universe.

Something you wish people knew about struggle/tragedy/heartbreak?
Struggle/Tragedy: You’re stronger than you think and this too shall pass.
Heartbreak: You can never demand affection or love, it has to be given freely. If it’s not given freely and abundantly, you’re looking for it in the wrong place.

Through your own personal tragedy what was the biggest lesson you've learned?
Whatever happens, it’s part of the journey. Experience it, embrace it, learn from it, grow from it.


You can also follow Nadira on Instagram by clicking here. 

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  • Chaïda

    Beautiful! I love the inspiration and dedication. Keep up the good work ladies! X

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