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Meet Erin Motz #PowerfulWomenProfile

#PowerfulWomenProfile features strong, powerful women that inspire

There is so much to say about Erin Motz that I am actually left speechless, but that would be a silly introduction, so I will do my best to do her personality justice. Erin Motz is co-founder, alongside her fiancé who goes by the alias of The Frenchman, of Bad Yogi, a lifestyle brand that is redefining yoga culture. Bad Yogi is yoga's anti-clique. In her 10-year time as a yoga teacher, Erin always jokingly called herself a Bad Yogi because she didn’t fit in with the stereotypical yoga drones who all dressed, looked, and acted alike no matter what city she visited. She hated the exclusive, judgmental nature of the yoga community and wanted to impart some kind of change to prove that it doesn’t have to be this way. (the above is actually her own description of Bad Yogi) and the EXACT reason I wanted her to be a part of our #PowerfulWomenProfile.

Erin is a BADASS.

Not only has Erin successfully build Bad Yogi to be the platform it is currently, she ultimately never wavers when it comes to obstacles that present itself along the way. I was drawn to Erin because of her persona on social media, after I got to know her I can confidently say that I love Erin because she is who she is, no excuses. She is quirky, funny, goofy, but most importantly grounded and smart.

In the little time that I have known Erin we have had long conversations about truffle oil and it's legitimacy, and deep discussions over women's rights and female ambition. We have laughed over the fact that we both have no idea how to contour our faces, and that we both cry over everything (which is essentially nothing). Erin has a good head on her shoulders and has a lot of insight on how to trudge through life gracefully and with passion.

I am so happy she took the time to answer these questions for all of us and excited to give you a a teeny tiny bit of insight to the spectrum of personality that is "the official bad yogi".



Name/Nickname: Erin AKA Bad Yogi

DOB and Sign: January 27th, Aquarius!

If you could share a cup of coffee with anyone who would it be and why? Do I have to pick just one person?! It would probably change every week depending on what I’m working on, but today I’ll say Elizabeth Gilbert because she’s super in touch with her creativity, which I find inspiring. And Mark Cuban because he’s brash and abrasive and instinctual which, aside from the instinctual part, is completely opposite from me. I feel like I’m in a place where I need to learn to be less demure, less “correct". I worry too much about what certain people think of me which I’m trying to get over.

What is THE ultimate quote you life your live by if you could only choose one? Man, another tough one! I can NOT pick just one. So I’ll pick 2! 1) "Pay attention." Not a quote, but something I’m always telling myself. Pay attention to the big things, the little things, the subtle, almost imperceptible things. I’ll admit, I adopted this one from my fiancé, but it’s on repeat in my head all the time. 2) "Argue for your limitations and you get to keep them.” I just heard this one recently from Liz Gilbert and apparently it’s a common saying but I’d never heard it and now I can’t get it out of my mind!

Tell us about a challenging time in your life: Definitely when I was about to leave my full-time “regular” job to pursue Bad Yogi and teaching yoga full-time. I was terrified to leave a stable income source and the potential for upward mobility and benefits… plus, I was leaving a career that my family approved of in favor of one that they were skeptical of. A theme in my life is being afraid to leave a comfort zone and pursue something I actually want— no matter how uncomfortable and unpleasant that comfort zone is to me. So it’s come up in different contexts but I seem to face this fear rather often!

If someone is going through the same thing right now what would you tell them? If your gut is telling you to make a move, do it. Even if you stumble along the way, chances are you’ll find the resources to figure it out because you’re going where you’re meant to be.

Something you wish people knew about struggle/heartbreak? I think it comes in many different forms, and we’d all benefit from refraining from making assumptions about anyone’s personal experience. It’s always easy to say, “Why don’t you just ____” but it’s never that simple, no matter how “obvious” it looks on the outside.

If you could do anything what would you do and why? I’d keep doing exactly what I’m doing. Building Bad Yogi in to an even bigger community that continues to change the face of yoga culture. We’re reminding people that it’s not about what you wear or what shape your body (or mind!) is in… it’s not about what you’re physically capable of performing or what you ate for breakfast. I don’t care if you’re a kale loving vegan or a prize winning deer hunter. Bad Yogi has yoga for you, and you’re welcome with us. It’s just about showing up. I feel like this is where I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to be doing, so I don’t have much more to add to it.

Through your personal tragedy what was the biggest lesson you've learned? Always look for ways to hone your intuition so your gut instincts are strong and loud. Following its instruction might be messy and difficult at times, but it’s will almost never lead you astray.

If you could pick a super power, which one? Time control, probably. Be able to stop/pause/start/manipulate time as I wanted. Time travel, too. Teleporting! Oh, and maybe flying… I think only one of those is actually a super power, haha.


What is your biggest guilty pleasure? Oh man… I’d say I try not to feel guilty about my pleasures, but I feel TOTALLY guilty for watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians! I just can’t look away!!! On the other hand, I feel no guilt over eating pizza for breakfast ;)

You can see what Erin is up to, on Facebook and Instagram


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