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Abuse As Infinite Dark Space: How I Reclaimed My Light By Gretchen Adams

  As we age, everyone has a question that makes them wince and remember.  A question on an intake form, or that strangers unexpectedly throw at you that you'd prefer not to answer.  For me, it’s "where did you go to college?"It was Freshman year.  My world was as big as my appetite - minimal and delusional. Entering college after years of battling anorexia, I was eager to meet my first distraction.  Life for me was acquiring any distraction from food or the thought of food.  My disordered thinking sent me swirling through a worm hole, but when I fell out, I was terrified and traumatized. I felt robbed of my identity and afraid to be alone for the first...

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Meet Rachel Brathen #PowerfulWomenProfile

#PowerfulWomenProfile features strong, powerful women that inspire.   Rachel Brathen, better known as yoga_girl on Instagram is a force to be reckoned with. Take POWERFUL and INSPIRING mix it together with humble and down to earth and you have this Swedish Native that currently resides in Aruba. Yoga_girl is the Yoncé of the yoga world... there is seriously nothing she touches that DOES NOT turn to magic. I mean where do I even begin without sounding like a groupie?  Rachel is an NY Times bestselling author, founder of not one but two nonprofits -- Sgt. Peppers Friends and 109 World -- CEO of, (a live streaming yoga lifestyle platform), yoga teacher, wife, sister and daughter. I probably missed a few other things she dabbles...

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In My Momma's Eyes By Kristie Dowling

I first saw her struggling at the desk at my local YMCA. She was signing up her family for a scholarship that the Y reserves for hardship cases. She had two children in tow, one brown-haired, sweet-looking girl I pegged as eight or nine, a bleach-blond son four or five and an infant in a car seat. I remember sympathizing with that car seat. There had been nothing more annoyingly heavy and uncooperative than lugging my daughters in that seat when they were babies. I had complained about that seat to everyone who would listen--and many who wouldn’t-- hoping that my complaints would somehow result in the invention of a new, less Draconian contraption. When the girl walked away from...

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Meet Megan Absten #PowerfulWomanProfile

#PowerfulWomenProfile features strong, powerful women that inspire. I remember the first time I met Megan. She is gorgeous, stands with conviction and speaks with confidence. I noticed her energy before I noticed that she was missing an arm, which made her even more interesting. We struck up a conversation and I instantly wanted her on the blog.  A month later we got to meet over dinner and she confirmed what I already knew.  Megan is a strong, powerful woman and absolutely inspiring.  At dinner Megan tells me how she "lived her life in reverse."  She used to be a total rebel... a bad kid (her own words) from the minute she was born. As a baby the neighbors threatened to call Child...

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Meet Nadira Ramautarsing #PowerfulWomenProfile

#PowerfulWomenProfile features strong, powerful women that inspire   I am super excited to introduce Nadira to all of you! Nadira is an old high school friend, and although we hung around relatively the same crowd, we somehow always missed having one on one time. She's a person I always wished I could get to know better, even more so since I've been able to keep up a little through Facebook. I say "a little" because Nadira moves FAST. One minute she's in the Netherlands, where she resides, the next she's in Suriname, where we both grew up, and then again in Rome, on vacation. She's the definition of a #GirlBoss, or actually let's change that to #WomanLeader. Nadira is CEO of...

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