Ambassadors not only represent our cause, but also assist hands on with community events and programs.

Ambassadors are chosen out of volunteers that show exceptional dedication to our cause.

Ambassador Highlight

Meet our badass ambassador, Rachel Perry-Justice

Rachel has been with Purple Dot Yoga Project from the start and shows up time and time again with a dedication unlike any other. Always advocating, seeking opportunity for collaboration, and also happens to be our “flower girl” for our meaningful meals!


Rachel in 5 words: Mindful // Mama // Maker // Mighty // Moon child


Why Purple Dot Yoga Project?

Y’all Sprinkle Love On Everything.


Super power of choice?

Teleportation. I would love to be able to travel the world on a whim. Watch the sun rise over the snowy Swiss Alps, swim in the waves of the South Pacific by lunch, and dine by candle light on the Amalfi Coast come sun down. How dreamy! Although, the time differences would be rather tricky.


Favorite memory with PDYP:

Serving dinner to a sweet lady at Casa Shelter and her telling me that she hasn’t had such a nice meal in such a long time and that It made her day better. Also, laughing with you guys over making mashed potatoes the southern way… “just keep adding butter & cream, butter & cream!”


Final words?

I feel so grateful to be a part of something with true heart behind it. I’ve seen PDYP bring happiness to others, with yoga and meditation, with meaningful conversation, with a home cooked meal, and with laughter & light heartedness.



GUIDANCE: To anyone that might benefit from our services.

ENCOURAGEMENT : To friends, family, and community to live an empowered life free from harm and negativity.

TRUSTED: to live up to highest self and look out for the best interest our global consciousness.

If you’re interested in becoming an ambassador, email