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25Aug 2017

Abuse As Infinite Darkness and How I Reclaimed My Light by Gretchen Adams

As we age, everyone has a question that makes them wince and remember.  A question on an intake form, or that strangers unexpectedly throw at you that you’d prefer not to answer.  For me, it’s “where did you go to college?” It was Freshman year.  My world was as big as my appetite – minimal and […]

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01Sep 2017

Meet Rachel Brathen aka yoga_girl #PowerfulWomanProfile

#PowerfulWomenProfile features strong, powerful women that inspire.   Rachel Brathen, better known as yoga_girl on Instagram is a force to be reckoned with. Take POWERFUL and INSPIRING mix it together with humble and down to earth and you have this Swedish Native that currently resides in Aruba. Yoga_girl is the Yoncé of the yoga world… there is […]

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05Sep 2017

Untitled by Anonymous

#SurvivorStories are stories sent in by survivors affected by abuse in the hopes that individuals will get a sense of community and know that their stories hold value and ring true to so many, and for readers to understand the impact of Domestic Violence and that it touches us all.  The story below was sent […]